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Diving in the Maldives is a definite bucket list adventure for dive enthusiastic. However, many may be perplexed by the wide array of dive options available these days. Fret not though, many avid divers from around the globe deems a scuba dive tour in a Maldives liveaboard to be the most ideal for a dream dive vacation in the Maldives. It is highly likely to surpass your dive expectations.

The Maldives is made up of a millenary pristine islands scattered across the Indian ocean. The marine diversity is what some may say - spellbinding with breathtakingly gorgeous myriad of rainbow-like coral life. where pelagic as Maldives sharks , whale sharks and mantas are regular residence of these beautiful reefs of Maldives. Taking a scuba dive tour in a liveaboard gives you the best opportunity to cruise the alluring waters of the Maldives and dive in specially selected atolls (ring-shaped islands/reef) that have been recognized to be the best dive spots for an absolutely enchanting dive expedition. The chances of meeting the whale shark, mantas, sharks & other pelagic fishes are high and realistic as well.

Just a standard 7-night holiday on a Maldives liveaboard is adequate to thrill your senses and explore dive sites.
Longer tours to Southern Maldives dive tours are getting more demanding now in season for its unique route where more big happenings are guaranteed. Scuba Dive tour to south Maldives route takes 10 to 14 nights minimum . But it’s well worth as the liveaboard cruise in more deep South atoll , Meemu , Baa and goes to Southern atolls . This special Southern atoll tours are recommended for experienced divers as the dives are challenging channel dives. Some of the highlights pelagic in these routes are Tiger Shark , Hammerhead sharks , whale sharks, Mantas and the southern atolls are known to have a huge number of Sharks . This sure is a well worth life time dive adventure experience.

You can look forward to one of the best dive experience of your life and precious memories to cherish for a lifetime from the Maldives experience - both above and below!
We are a dive specialized operator and have extensive experience and insight to operating liveaboards and diving in the Maldives. We strive to provide excellent service to all our clients to ensure you have a worthwhile and wonderful vacation.



  • MV Adora
    250.00 $

    MV Adora

      based on 3 reviews  

    ADORA a Luxury live aboard design for maldives scuba diving. The liveaboard is known for an excellent dive operation and remain as one of the top...

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  • Azalea Cruise
    200.00 $

    Azalea Cruise

    Yet not rated

    Luxury cruise in Maldives is without doubt the highest standard liveaboard in Maldives . If you looking to explore Maldives in style this state of...

    More Info
  • Handy Cruise
    200.00 $

    Handy Cruise

    Yet not rated

    Handy Cruise Liveaboard is one the well known liveaboard in Maldives diving industry . The liveaboard is 118 ft long designed for divers...

    More Info
  • Seafari Explorer
    1,375.00 $

    Seafari Explorer

    Yet not rated

    Seafari Explorer Liveaboard in Maldives is one of the latest addition to Maldives evolving luxury dive holiday liveaboards . It would not be an...

    More Info

Dive Lodge

  • Athiri Beach
    100.00 $

    Athiri Beach

    Athiri Beach , an ideal escape for any dive enthusiastic . A home close to magnificent whale sharks . the unique boutique guest house in South Ari...

    More Info Reservation
  • Oceanic Village
    150.00 $

    Oceanic Village

    Set off to an amazing diving adventure under the brilliant blue sea of the Maldives. Oceanic Village Maldives invites all dive enthusiasts to...

    More Info Reservation


Manik was incredibly helpful to me throughout the trip (Susan) + was attentive to everyone needs. tried to make the trip (and succeeded) a very special one. My favourtite dive Master ever. You are lucky to have him!

Susan + Gary Mc Donald
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