Maldives Diving Liveaboards

  • Azalea Cruise
    200.00 $

    Azalea Cruise

    Yet not rated

    Luxury cruise in Maldives is without doubt the highest standard liveaboard in Maldives . If you looking to explore Maldives in style this state of...

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  • Handy Cruise
    200.00 $

    Handy Cruise

    Yet not rated

    Handy Cruise Liveaboard is one the well known liveaboard in Maldives diving industry . The liveaboard is 118 ft long designed for divers...

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  • Seafari Explorer
    1,375.00 $

    Seafari Explorer

    Yet not rated

    Seafari Explorer Liveaboard in Maldives is one of the latest addition to Maldives evolving luxury dive holiday liveaboards . It would not be an...

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  • ScubaSpa Ying
    200.00 $

    ScubaSpa Ying

    Yet not rated

    Scubaspa Ying , liveaboard for divers in Maldives . Floating resort for non divers

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  • Scubaspa Yang
    300.00 $

    Scubaspa Yang

    Yet not rated

    Luxury Dive & Wellness floating resort. Scubaspa Yang Liveaboard a beautiful floating hotel specialised for dive tours in Maldives and Spa holidays

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  • MV Adora
    250.00 $

    MV Adora

      based on 3 reviews  

    ADORA a Luxury live aboard design for maldives scuba diving. The liveaboard is known for an excellent dive operation and remain as one of the top...

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  • Honors Legacy
    200.00 $

    Honors Legacy

    Yet not rated

    Honors Legacy is highly a reputable liveaboard at the top of the game. This stunning luxury liveaboard is design with special attention to ensure...

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  • MV Southern Cross
    265.00 $

    MV Southern Cross

    Yet not rated

    With the years of experience in the field of Maldives Liveaboard Diving operation Southern Cross is the beginning of a very successful fleet in the...

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  • MV Princess Lara
    286.00 $

    MV Princess Lara

    Yet not rated

    Princess Lara one of the luxurios 5 star liveaboard in Maldives with the highest standard service you can receive from a Maldivian Liveaboard.

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  • Princess Haleema
    200.00 $

    Princess Haleema

    Yet not rated

    Beautiful 36 m liveaboard cruising in Maldives providing best of Maldives diving tours. Princess Haleema can take upto maximum 22 divers.

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Scuba Dive Local Island Guest House Holidays

  • Athiri Beach
    100.00 $

    Athiri Beach

    Athiri Beach , an ideal escape for any dive enthusiastic . A home close to magnificent whale sharks . the unique boutique guest house in South Ari...

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  • Oceanic Village
    150.00 $

    Oceanic Village

    Set off to an amazing diving adventure under the brilliant blue sea of the Maldives. Oceanic Village Maldives invites all dive enthusiasts to...

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Maldives Liveaboard Diving Holiday - Dive in Maldives Liveaboards  

Diving in the Maldives is a definite bucket list adventure for dive enthusiastic. However, many may be perplexed by the wide array of dive options available these days. Fret not though, many avid divers from around the globe deems a scuba dive tour in a Maldives liveaboard to be the most ideal for a dream dive vacation in the Maldives. It is highly likely to surpass your dive expectations.


Best of Maldives Dive tour Liveaboard Routes

Liveaboards in Maldives offer exciting diving routes depending on the season . Maldives can offer year round excellent diving in different atolls . Dive trip with liveaboard can take you to far north or South which are unique and seasonally explored areas. In recent time these routes have taken the hype as it gives some of the extra ordinary diving you could experience in Maldives . Below are some of the best dive routes which can be considered .

Best Of Maldives 7 night dive tour  – The following route is the general 7 night route of Maldives diving highlights. As the route is named “Best of Maldives ” it delivers exactly that, some the excellent dive sites in Maldives. The route takes the liveaboard diving to channels , drift dives and pinnacle dives giving the highest possibility to dive with sharks , mantas , other pelagic fishes and even giving the opportunity to dive or snorkel with whale shark . The route provides an excellent night dive in vaavu atoll with hundreds of nurse sharks and other reef fishes. This liveaboard tour is perfectly suited for those visiting the Maldives for the first dive trip and a weeks’ vacation.

Hanifaru North tour (Manta specials) - A 7 night route most popular for south west monsoon period . Liveaboard will take you to north of Maldives , Diving in Baa atoll , famous for the Manta . Famous Hanifaru bay , Mantas playground for the rich plankton flow period will give you to witness the feeding frenzy between July – Oct each year. One of the best route in this time of the year with dives with Manta and Whale Shark .

Maldives Deep South Dive tours – Tours are long of two weeks or more. Also tours of 7 nights are available which can require to take domestic flight to join/check out or both. Dives in these tours will involve challenging dives with strong current in channels . It is recommended only for experienced divers considering minimum with 100 logged dives with advance dive certification.
The tour route will cover dive sites from Laamu atoll to Huvadhoo atoll , foammulah island/ atoll and also it can take you to the furthest south of Maldives Addu atoll.
This route is an extraordinary route and rich with sharks , you are guaranteed to experience dives with grey reef shark , oceanic black tip shark , bull sharks and if you lucky it is likely that you could bump to mola-mola . Not to miss these tours gives high chance to see whale sharks more than one in the tour. Foammula dive is famous with tiger sharks , thresher shark and oceanic manta


Manik was incredibly helpful to me throughout the trip (Susan) + was attentive to everyone needs. tried to make the trip (and succeeded) a very special one. My favourtite dive Master ever. You are lucky to have him!

Susan + Gary Mc Donald
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